To gain the reputation of a good one, an air compressor should reveal ultimate efficiency and speed in forcing air into wherever it’s needed. Generally, a quality air compressor can be used for a variety of applications in one’s household, from tire inflation to spray painting. Speaking of the car tires, it’s obvious that a portable air compressor will be a perfect choice. Such compressor having the tank capacity of 3 to 6 gallons and being easily carried can become the handiest tool in any place. As you consider purchasing a portable air compressor, it’s better to pay attention to the best and most popular models instead of regular ones in order to get the perfect balance of characteristics for your personal use. To choose the finest one, you’ll definitely have to familiarize yourself with its key pros and cons.

Reviewed in this article are the best air compressors for tires, being attractive for their portability. Such compressors are also versatile and simple in use. They win the comparison with electric tools as they allow you to save money while providing secure handling.


Kensun Air Compressor

KensuKensun D1002 ACn Air Compressor will cater to the demands of the pickiest customer. It’s simple and ultimately transportable and is rightfully deemed to be one of the best for car tires. The unit has a hard carry case included with it, which protects its high quality while storing and makes it easy to carry along. The unit is lightweight while its size allows carrying it with ease. It operates in an incredibly quiet way, but meanwhile efficiently pumps up balls, pool playthings, mattresses, rafts, and, of course, tires. It’s very convenient with its 9ft 10 in wire, and 4ft 11 in extension hose. A pleasant plus: this air compressor comes with three different inflation adaptor nozzles. The operation of this unit is absolutely excellent featuring smooth start up, and quick turning off as it reaches the desired pressure. Most of the customers having bought it admit that it’s amazing and praiseworthy. Yet the device has some limitations by ambient temperature. It shouldn’t be used and stored at the temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so in Texas, for example, it might be unsuitable for carrying it along on the road.





VIAIR 300P Portable Compressor

VIAIR 300P is an excellent midrange portable compressor. It was designed to cope easily and quickly with any and all tires of up to 33 inches in size. The overall performance is quite delightful, as it gives the same yield as larger fast-fill air compressors can offer. Being portable and lightweight it remains powerful and cost-effective. This air compressor is thermally guarded and airs up a 31-inch tire in about 2 minutes at 15 to 30 PSI. Thus, it offers a considerably greater output as compared to compressors of similar range. You will also be able to adjust the airing upward or lower for greater care for your tires. Besides the unit is well-built for improved durability and comes with a convenient storage tote. Since this air compressor doesn’t have a tank, the motor should be working for air supply, thus it won’t work with air-powered tools. Nevertheless, this air compressor does a fantastic job at inflating rafts, air beds, balls and bike tires.




VIAIR 90PIf you want to buy a small and yet powerful tire air compressor, than VIAIR 90P is the one you need. With its maximum working pressure being 120 PSI, it inflates tires sized as much as 31 inches with ease. This device offers stronger compression using a 12V battery with low electrical power. All essential functions of an efficient portable air compressor are included in it to the ultimate benefit of its users. Looking on reviews of its current happy owners, one can retain no doubts as to its advantages. As compared to other compressors available on the market it’s definitely cheaper. The reviews given to it prove that its performance is the one to be expected from a high-quality product though several users report of some minor minuses. It might not be the greatest pick for large trucks in view of the power cable length but does well for medium-sized vehicles. It comes with alligator clamps for direct battery connection. Generally, it’s a trusted product due to its excellent overall performance noticed by the majority of users.



VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

VIAIR 85P Portable Air CompressorVIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor, as plugged into 14.5 Amp power socket, copes greatly with tires sized up to 31 inches. Prior to switching the system on you will need to start the engine and connect the tire chuck to the valve stem. This air compressor also has an integrated LED light for better tire visibility. One can’t say that its LED light offers excellent visibility, but sometimes it’s definitely better than nothing. This system has quite satisfactory rating according to online reviews though some users complain about blowing fuses when using this device. Generally this portable air compressor is deemed to be quite agreeable and even one of the best options among those currently available on the market. After trying and using it for a while, many customers become its passionate supporters.



As a conclusion, it’s important to not that improperly inflated tires can cause unexpected and severe problems. Having a good portable tire air compressor, you will be able to tackle this issue with ease, and won’t find yourself in need of help on the road off the beaten track. The above tools will be extremely helpful if carried along with you. Besides they suit for many tasks, be it do-it-yourself projects or professional ones. At the same time said models are best suitable for inflating tires. It’s difficult to overestimate their excellent benefit. For now you are welcome to check the reviews to find any eventual drawbacks and all distinct advantages of the best air compressors for tire inflating to make the final choice for your ultimate benefit.