Campbell Hausfeld FP209499A highly portable Air Compressor that weights only 19 pounds. Such a perfect value-for-money Air Compressor that is great at doing it’s job, and suitable for filling tires and nailers, as well as other small household tasks.

1066409It’s pros include reliability for small household tasks, high durability, and portability, an ample tank size of 3 gallons, and a great price of less than 100$ during the promotions. It also does not require much power.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedIt’s cons include the inability to deal with heavier tasks due to the lack of power, in which case you many need to look for a higher-price range and model.

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I needed an air compressor for light house projects as well as moderate ones – things like cleaning my mower, blowing out my work area, pumping tires and using the nail gun, etc. I ended up buying Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 online (from Amazon) since it had a great price and came with the accessory pack and nice gauges. In fact it costed me half the price of my previous compressor. Moving onto it’s features, for one it’s big enough to perform the tasks necessary perfectly well, yet can be still carried around without much trouble. Honestly after reading several so-so reviews I can say that it exceeded my expectations. Sure it’s noise like the most compressors, so some kind of ear protection is necessary when using it indoors. But it’s leak-free and is able to reach a value of 100 PSI in just 3-5 minutes (after the mandatory break-in period of half hour passes).

A compressor versatile enough to take on moderate and light-duty projects for your household

While Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 weights only 19 pounds and is portable, it is not designed to support some of the larger tools. But otherwise it’s a user-friendly compressor that will be useful for your home projects. It can provide you help for various chores such as:

plusblowing off dirt

pluscleaning small engines

pluscleaning equipment

plusfilling auto tires

plusinstall moldings

pluspowering a heavy-duty nailer to use for framing

Sufficient air power

This lightweight, super compact compressor is able to build air pressure very quickly. When using the blower, it can last up to five minutes before the need to recharge the compressor arises. This makes it suitable for light-duty jobs. This compressor is able to hold up to 3 gallons of air as well as to produce a 100 PSI charge enough to deliver up to 40 nails. Other uses this compressor can find to help you in your house duties includes blowing out leaves, cleaning debris or your workbench, completing upholstery to be used for furniture, installing trim, and filling sports balls and tires.


Thumbs-UpTank with an air-storing capacity of 3-gallons, able to deliver air at .5 CFM / 90 PSI with a maximum of 110 PSI.

Thumbs-UpThe user-friendly design with portability provided by carrying handle, and a control panel that is easy to operate.

Thumbs-UpOverall functionality and performance maintained by a light-duty cooler-running motor

Thumbs-UpCan be set to work right away with the help of an accessory kit that comes in the package. The kit includes air chuck, female coupler, inflation adapter, thread sealant tape, blowgun, tapered inflation nozzle, a pair of inflation needles, a pair of male plugs, and a 25 foot recoil hose.

Thumbs-UpIdeal tool for quick projects

Thumbs-UpComes with 1-year limited warranty

Reviews and Scores by Customers

There are around 200 customer reviews of the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 model at Amazon, with rating being above average. 1/3 of the customers gave a five-star rating to this compressor, while 40% of them gave higher than average four to three stars rating, praising its flexible performance. The remaining customers (approximately 1/4 of total customers number) produced low-rate reviews of this model based on their post-purchase regrets.

The things praised in positive reviews are the reliable tank capacity for pressurized air, overall versatility of the compressor when it comes to accomplishing various household tasks, and additional convenience that’s provided by its complete accessory kit.

Negative reviews tend to concentrate on compressor’s noise level, non-working adapters, leaky fixtures, and the hose being made of plastic and, therefore, brittle. The customers behind these reviews would prefer a compressor of a higher cost that would be more suitable for heavy-duty assignments.

Still, two-thirds of the customers expressed their satisfaction with the reliability and excellent price of this device.

Final Word

When it comes for do-it-yourself house tasks, you cannot go wrong with Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 3-Gallon Air Compressor. Its large volume is ideal for supplying the household duties and necessities that you bought it for.

It’s home use can include (but no limited to) stapling, nailing, airbrushing, pumping the various tires (car, bicycle and engine tires), keeping pressure, blowing off and cleaning rubbish, etc. Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 guarantees performance that is better than average units of this price range – and mind that it is highly affordable. This makes it the best choice for a value-for-money air compressor.

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Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 3-Gallon Air Compressor Review 2015