Campbell Hausfeld RP3200Whether you want to air up sports balls or car tires, an assistance of high-volume air pump would be more than welcome, and the Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 12-Volt Inflator and Worklight has just the one you need. To operate this little inflator tool, you should plug it into a cigarette lighter. This unit is especially useful when you have a flat tire.

You have nothing to worry when inflating an object with this unit since it has an auto shutoff feature. Instead of waiting patiently to inflate the tires you can simply set a pre-specified level for inflator to stop at.

Costing a bare minimum of $30, this unit will help you to check any tires at any time as long as you take it alongside you. Plus, there is no need to visit a gas station to keep the pressure up, making this inflator a wise investment.

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Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 Review


1066409Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 Inflator model comes in dimensions of 9.75″ x 4.38″ x 7.38″ and weights 3.5 pounds. It works on 12 Volt DC voltage and is able to produce maximum pressure of 120 PSI. Notable additional features include flashing hazard light, work light, automatic shutoff function and built-in tire gauge. There also is 1-year limited warranty.


plusThis product maintains current 3.8/5-star rating on Amazon and has received several positive reviews from the consumers. It is recommended to use to get the latest price information for this product, since buying on Amazon means you’ll be able to save a lot of money and time. Amazon also offers you the free delivery or shipping of your product.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedThere were also several feedbacks of negative type, and we will review them in detail in order for you to know all the aspects about this product. This may influence your buying decision.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedFew customers were dissatisfied by constant need to put pressure in order to get the hose connector from the tire valve, for some it led to losing a minimum of 5 PSI. While alarming on it’s own, this issue was encountered by relatively few people, and the rest of users had no problems with unhooking the tire valve.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedAnother complaint brought by the customers is related to the vibration level – according to some reports the vibration was so mighty as to cause the moving of the inflator unit itself. The customers were required to grip it down manually while it was used to inflate the tires.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedThis is nevertheless a general problem of portable inflators, and many people find a way to fixate the inflator without causing many problems.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedSome of the reviewers complained about the noises caused by Campbell Hausfeld RP3200. But, the apparent solution lies simply in not using it for indoor work, as this product is an emergency tire inflator after all. The noise of Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 is not even comparable to the huge amount of noise emitted by air machines in the service stations, which is taken for granted.

Then, majority of customers were actually satisfied by this product, due to the following reasons:

  • The inflator performance is just as expected, which was endorsed by many users. Also, you can’t realistically expect this a12V DC tire inflator to perform like a big machine.
  • This is an emergency device, economical yet practical when facing dire situations.
  • Great efficiency, as proved by one customer being able to pump up his sedan tire from 25 to 35 PSI in just 45 seconds, and for another user it took only a minute to inflate a snow blow tire from 8 to 20 PSI.
  • Praiseworthy power cord, many users were satisfied by its length. Both air hose and the cord are sufficiently long and able to reach the car tires without problem.
  • A compartment feature, which allows to store the air hose alongside the power cord.

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Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 12-Volt Inflator and Worklight