The Porter-Cable C2002-WK air compressor is an appliance that is essential to have in every house. It will assist in fulfilling dozens of tasks not only inside your residence and garage, but it can also be helpful in framing and roofing. It will take little effort for you to rotate your own tires or even put up a new fence.

I was “lucky” enough to purchase a “transportable” model, as transportable as Toyota Prius is!

Give me some time to gear up for moving my compressor. Why is there blood all over my knuckles? I was just taking my “transportable” appliance off the roof. By the way, any idea where I can search for my tooth?

This highly movable compressor manufactured by Porter-Cable will put an end to your suffering. Apart from a handle that manufacturer provided to make the carrying simpler, the manufacturer also made this model oil-free. Since the compressor is easy to move around, you can utilize it for a great number of tasks. For instance, it could assist in filling tires or blowing leaves out of your gutters. This appliance might become of great benefit for trimming, assist in roof repairing, or be helpful in dealing with unyielding bolts underneath your vehicle.

Porter-Cable has obtained a reputation of a company that produces tools acknowledged in the whole world and the reason for that is the premium quality of their products. The C2002-WK compressor is a bestseller on today’s market. If you are on the buy, I suggest you look through all the reviews down below before making a purchase. I hope these articles will be of great benefit for you and help you pick up a model that would be the best option for you.

Air Delivery

This model features a compressor unit that includes an adaptable regulator which enables you to adjust the pressure delivery depending on your requirements.
The amount of pressure you will need for a particular task might significantly fluctuate. For instance, 35 lbs is enough to pump a tire of your car you, while using a paint sprayer requires up to 65 lbs.

Just get the appliance started and give it a bit time to develop some pressure. Having done that, set the quantity of pressure you need to fulfill a task by using a turn button and wait till this quantity is achieved. The device features a tank with the capacity of 6 gallons.

The tank of the device is designed for 150 psi maximum pressure. Due to the recent developments made to improve this model, the device now has a bigger air capacity which means it can operate longer as the compressor requires less time for recovery. One of the greatest advantages of this model are the connect fittings to plug into, the device has 2 and they can be used simultaneously. While you are using the first one for nailing, the other one can be used to perform any other task.


This model operates using the electricity that runs in your residence and garage, 110V, the only thing you need to do is to plug the device in and get it started. Even reminiscing about it gives me pain but I used to have a model that used 220v. Headache…

While looking through the comments on Amazon, I discerned a question that was brought up several times, the issue concerns the horsepower. Here is the answer: the Porter-Cable C2002-WK is 8 hp. I have ascertained this information is correct by verifying it at the Porter-

Cable website for this exact model.

The main characteristics

  • Can deliver 2.6 SCFM @ 90 psi
  • Or 3.5 SCFM @ 40 psi for example.
  • The model features a 6-gallon pancake-style tank.
  • 13 item accessory set is included in the purchase.
  • You can easily get the 120v motor started in cold weather.
  • The purchase also comprises an oil-free pump that does not require any additional attendance.
  • The model features with shroud, handle, and console cover protection which also make it easier to carry the unit.
  • Also, the model includes the rubber feet and the drain valve.


  • Size of the model: 19? X 18? X 21?
  • The weight of the model: 30 lbs.
  • The capacity of the tank: 6 gallons
  • Running horsepower: 8 hp
  • Voltage: 120v
  • Amperage: 10 amps
  • A one-year guarantee for the parts of the model
  • Total 335 reviews on Amazon with 4.2 out of 5 rating
  • Decibel level: 82 dBA
  • One pair of pressure gauges
  • Two quick connects
  • A controllable pressure regulator


Except for a compressor unit itself, the purchase also includes a 13 item accessory kit. It is not some kind of luxurious kit, but it does comprise such useful tools as a tire gauge, a blow gun with attachments, a 25-foot hose, a tire chuck, plugs, a Teflon tape, and quick coupler.

When I was young and wet behind my ears I bought a compressor and an accessory set was not included in the purchase. No matter what brand a model you consider buying is manufactured by, ascertain you had checked everything before you made your purchase. I bet the last thing you want to do is to buckle down to work and then suddenly realize you cannot get your project done because you are missing an air hose or any other essential piece of equipment.

I also bought an additional 50? hose to drag around my “transportable” device less often. This model, however, can be fairly called portable.


This compressor has 355 reviews total and is rated 4.0-4.2 out of 5.0. The model is №1 in popularity when it comes to online sales. I guess you have already realized there are numerous reasons for that. The majority of customers have verified that Porter-Cable company lives up to the reputation of being a trustworthy company since the products it provides are always premium quality ones.

Since I have been working in the building- engineering field, I dare agree with the clients who put their trust in this brand. Here are some quotes from the owners of this model:

“Judging from my vast experience this model is the only one that can be truly called portable. It is extremely comfortable in usage, except the fact that it is designed without sharp corners it also has the PSI. The model comes with a tank that has a 6-gallon capacity which keeps an air-thirsty framer working.”

“The compressor seems to be tiny when compared to many other models alike and is simple to carry around. The device is useful for doing construction jobs but when it comes to bigger ones, such as blasting or auto body tools, the device might not cope.”

“I am a professional carpenter and to create items of furniture I utilize a pneumatic nail gun. In my workshop, I have a bigger compressor that is not possible to move to different places.

This model exerts enough PSI fulfill my needs and is simple to move. Also, what I personally find to be very useful are 2 outlets, since I have much work the possibility to do two tasks at the same time saves my time greatly.”

You can read more reviews on this model here: Amazon Porter-Cable CK2002 Reviews

Advantages and Demerits


I have already revealed most of the advantages the model has. If you still doubt whether this model would be the best option for you, I suggest you look through more reviews written by the owners of this product on Amazon or check out the demerits presented below and decide whether they prevent you from purchasing it.

This oil-free air compressor is manufactured by a reputable brand that provides it with a one-year guarantee, two hoses, and two outlets, and accessory set and a pressure regulator and ensures a good pressure delivery that can be regulated according to one’s needs.


One of the owners commented this on Amazon:
“I face some complications when I needed to blow out my irrigation system. I will not argue that my system has large dimensions, but, frankly speaking, I expected to get more capacity from it.” We cannot make any conclusions since we do not have any information concerning the dimensions of the irrigation system in this particular case, but we can estimate that it was definitely larger than six gallons. I can vouch for that.

As for the rest of the demerits, I came across with only one more and it states that there is no appropriate instruction how to do the break-in procedure. What do you think I did for you? I put some effort and got the break in steps.

Breaking in the compressor

While doing the online research for this article, I noticed that a question concerning breaking in this compressor was raised several times. To be accurate, it is the most common question about this model I came across with.

But no worries, sir, I have got a solution for you! Yes! And the solution is…(suspense).. well you have no other option but to break it in! But this job is so easy and simple that it will only take 15 minutes to complete it. However, by doing it you will elongate the life expectancy of the device.

Some of the customers assure it is not obligatory to break in a compressor, and indeed, it is not vital, especially taking into consideration it is oil free. So why trouble yourself? The initial intent must be sealing the piston rings and cylinders before going to town burning up your device.

It is quite vital to break in a device, but it requires little effort and time. Here is the instruction how to do it correctly:

The Break-In Procedure in steps

One has to keep to this instruction carefully. In case you did not follow all the steps correctly some complications or even damages might occur. This procedure can only be done before you got the device operated.

Before starting the procedure make sure you got the check valve or a whole compressor pump replaced.

1. Ascertain that the switch is in the “off” position.
2. Plug in a power cord.
3. For the avoidance of air pressure from building, open the drain valve to its full extent to allow all the air come out.
4. Having done that, move switch to “on” position. The machine should begin to operate now.
5. Let the compressor run for 15 mins. Ascertain the drain valve is open.
6. When fifteen minutes are over close the drain valve by turning it clockwise. The receiver should now run to its cut-out pressure and the machine will stop to operate.

I told you it would be easy-peasy, did I not? Now the device is ready to work!

Can this model shoot nails?

Wondering if the power of this model lives up to the strength of a nail gun? It is question I came across with that rose on more than one occasion. The answer is positive in most cases. The device pressures up to 165 psi with a larger hose, the hose acts as a secondary air tank.

Summing up

That is all I got to say about this model. The compressor definitely has more advantages than downsides. I consider that the fact this model is oil-free is the biggest one since this way the device requires zero maintenance. Also, let us not forget about two outlets and the tank with the 6-gallon capacity.

I am certain the break-in procedure for this model is difficult to find so I made sure to include a rough draft in this post. This particular model is the best option for a homeowner, a DIY person, and also light construction.

Porter-Cable C2002-WK air compressor review