PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003What do you think when you hear the words “the air compressor for a home workshop”? A huge machine with a lot of complicated details that fills all the space in your garage. Probably, you think that it’s pretty hard to use and almost impossible to repair by yourself. It used to be that way 30 years back. However, now you can be sure in quality and efficiency of a compressor for home. It’s no more heavy enormous machines. You will be able to make any job you take on triple faster than usual making much fewer efforts.

Two years ago I started a house reconstruction. The process of modernizing my shelter lasted for too long. Once, my friend visited me and advised me to get an air compression unit to save a bunch of time. Since then, I’m able to spend more time with my family instead of messing around in the garage.

The whole process of your home remodeling will become amazingly satisfying thanks to such a compressor. I’ve also rented some additional air tools. While using them, I’ve forgotten about hummers and brushes! Paint and nail guns were a perfect choice for changing an inefficient toolbox. I’ve done a full redesign of the first floor and the garage in two weeks! All this come with a nice bonus. You will be able to inflate anything that is possible to inflate in one moment. Need equalize the pressure in a tire, pump a ball or an inflatable swimming pool? Then be ready to swim in two minutes, because it works amazingly fast!

Having an air compressor is necessary for a man, such as a kitchen stove is vital for every housewife. For that reason, I’ve found the best air compression tools scanning the Internet to share them with you. Today, we’ll talk about the PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 135 PSI Pancake Compressor, which is one of my favorite in the category “for home”.

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Porter-cable PCFP02003 Review

Basic Specs

Do you want to start a big renovation of the house? Then the compressor is defiantly your thing.  It’s powerful and efficient enough for both home and commercial proposes. The range of application for this compressor starts from inflating of a tire and going up to powering a big variety of air tools. Minimal recovery time offers you to save time and to work faster. About the speed and power, this air compressor works at 2.0 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) at 90 PSI (pounds per square inch). Such a power is perfect for any household necessities. 3.5-gallon tank has a maximum pressure limit of 135 PSI further enhances possibilities of the compressor.

Take your air compressor anywhere

Big and heavy compressors are impossible to carry. You need to order a truck for that. However, this little air machine is easy to transport and designed as a vertical pancake for the most comfortable using. It weights 29lbs and ready for plug and work! That’s why it’s classified as a perfect tool to be carried anywhere. It’s not taking a lot of space, so it’s easy to store as well!

Performance features

The CFM and PSI consumption rate are perfect for the most common tasks. With this workhorse, you can count on a high power output and a long work period. The electric motor operates quietly and smoothly, without extra vibrations, which guarantees relevant power to this air compressor. And the main thing, it doesn’t require too much electricity to run!

Less voltage, more efficiency!

Power consumption is essential for the present day. As I said before, this electric air compressor doesn’t need a lot of power to work. It has the edge over gas powered compressors as well, which isn’t ecological to use in opened spaces and impossible to work with inside a closed room without a powerful ventilation. Also, an electrical demand of 120 volts provide an uninterrupted operation in extremal weather conditions or plugged into a tee.

Next generation oil-free approach.

Oil-free approach to the design of the PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 air compressor gives it a huge advantage over other oil-based opponents. In general, it’s all about the specialty of piston rings design without non-sticking parts, which keeps the cylinder lubricated. Such a compressor is way easier to service. Moreover, an event of a fault is almost impossible. But even in a case of a malfunction, manufacturer cares about you. The compressor has a warranty.

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Porter-cable PCFP02003 air compressor