California Air Tools CAT-10020Air compressors are extra powerful devices. The sum of work they can do is impressive and stunning. Unfortunately, compressors work very loud, and fixed blocks are too heavy. If you prefer DIY, these tools mostly are improper to use at home.

However, these problems were solved by producing portable models with similar power and capacity. These devices work the same well as their bigger prototypes. They have a possibility of attaching any air appliances to them, for instance. You can easily use these compressors for professional or personal tasks.

There are plenty of models performed at the market. Various manufacturers produce portability and functional compressors. In my reviews, I perform you models that are the most worthwhile, in my opinion.

Hereunder you’ll find information about the California Air Tools CAT-10020 Air Compressor. Maybe it is not the greatest in portability, but it is powerful and convenient enough and worth your attention.

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California Air Tools CAT-10020 Review

Main information, requirements and features

Comparing with all portable models I’ve reviewed, this one has the most remarkable specifications. Despite immense output, this compressor is extra quiet. It records just 70 decibels.

This compressor has such features as an oil-free dual piston pump system for longevity and durability and powerful 2.0 HP motor that works at only 1680 RPM for lower wear and noise. You also will be pleased with the massive 10-gallon stainless steel tank that filled completely in less than 130 seconds.

Moreover, there are added features that make your work more comfortable. You may attach up to two air tools in parallel due to 1/4″ connectors with a quick release action. Thanks to exceptional 5.3 CFM at 90 psi delivery rate you may connect quite powerful air tool to it or a few less powerful tools. According to these characteristics, I can conclude that this air compressor is convenient for those who place their workshop closely to a store because this device is quiet enough and won’t disturb your customers.


I should also tell you about a portability of the CAT-10020. Unluckily, it is not exceptional. This compressor is a portable model, but it is pretty heavy. To reduce this problem and make a transporting easier, manufacturer attached wheels to this model.


Of course, compressors are heavy and bulky, and there are no special designers’ tricks to make them more elegant.  It is only a 10-gallon tank that has to provide all required functions and last for a long time.

I just believe that this compressor is well outfitted. There is a big handle at the top, but it is not suitable to carry around this compressor. With this handle, you may pull it around without extra efforts.  Moreover, I was pleased with a good grip that the controls provide and the pressure gauges that are easy to read.

One of the essential benefits of this compressor is the brass twist-on tire chuck. It helps to provide the high air-tight in this compressor that makes his work more effective. And not so necessary but suitable detail an LED light that shows when the device is turned on.

Appropriate price

After analyzing all the advantages of this air compressor, I am sure that it worth this money because it has all desired functions and smart design. If you require a compressor for some home needs, it is not the right model. But if you expect a durable and powerful device for professional consume and want to earn money using it, it is an excellent choice.

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California Air Tools CAT-10020 Steel Tank Air Compressor