California Air Tools CAT-6310Mostly, people who are going to use air compressors regularly do not take into account an importance of a noise level. It is essential if you plan to place it in your house or garage and don’t want to create discomfort to your relatives or neighbors. Of course, quiet work is important, but capacity and output are on the top among the features.

Accept the quiet working process the California Air Tools CAT-6310 Air Compressor has other necessary functions that you’ll find out in this review.

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California CAT-6310 Review

Specifications and features

This air compressor was produced as an extra silent model with a remarkable noise level in 60 decibels. In spite the fact that he has powerful 1.0 HP motor, this device works at just 1680 RPM that provides quiet operation, less use, and long lasting.

For me, this oil-free dual piston pump model was a discovery. After analyzing this compressor, I can admire that a dual piston provides a high rate of productivity, and an oil-free pump simplifies the whole service process. Now when oil is not necessary, unlike earlier oil-grease models, you may easily use this compressor on rough surfaces and in varied temperatures.

Production and power

This compressor is versatile and suitable for plenty of tasks. A 1.0 HP motor and 6.3-gallon tank ensure a powerful work. For higher durability and capacity, the tank is made of steel and for a convenient transporting, there is a handle over the top. You shouldn’t worry about a pressure level because the CAT-6310 up to 120 PSI or 90 PSI at an air delivery rate of 2.35 CFM (also 3.80 CFM at 40 PSI). Therefore, you may easily use it for staplers and nail guns.

There is one more advantage in this compressor. The amp draw is 7.6 amps and allows you to activate this device quickly. Moreover, it greatly reduces the number of breaker disconnections. You may also connect an extension cord if needed. This compressor can easily resist voltage drops. To avoid an overheating, the CAT-6310 has a thermal overburden protection mechanism. In case, an operational temperature increases up to 135C this mechanism power of the device.

Dual-piston pump

Due to a dual-piston pump, this device can compress a large amount of air, unlike single-piston models.  So, here are characteristics that impress. This pump completely fills up the tank in about 120 seconds. The recovery time is only 50 seconds to go from 90 to 120 PSI. Furthermore, it has an increased life of more than 3000 hours. This type of pump is also convenient because it has a low level of pulsation.

Quiet work

At first it appears that a noise level is not essential for air compressors, but after considering you realize that it is an important feature. If you are going to work at home, your neighbors don’t have to suffer because of a strong noise. Moreover, a loud sound that exceeds 90 decibels can damage your hearing in the future. Fortunately, the CAT-6310 works uncommonly silent and produces only 60 decibels. By contrast, an average conversation is 65 decibels. I think you’ll agree that it is a silent air compressor.


The manufacturer tried to produce an extra movable air compressor. And he did it well. If you are going to transport or just carry around your air compressor regularly, the CAT-6310 is an excellent choice. It weighs only 49lbs. Thanks to a low weight, wheels and a usable handle on the top of the tank you may move this compressor anywhere you need.

Extra information

I would like to mention some other essential features of the CAT-6310. This compressor is equipped with a pressure gauge with a regulator that let you control the pressure inside the tank. You’ll also get a 1/4″ quick connector to be able to establish any air tool. All air compressors have one issue. A moisture inside the tank accrues that cause rust. Luckily, this air compressor has a ball drain valve. This component is easy in use. You have just to control the air filter and replace it after 5000 hours.

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California CAT-6310 Steel Tank Air Compressor