Campbell Hausfeld HS5180My website is devoted to portable air compressors. They are very good for some needs and situations, but sometimes they are not convenient. Compressors that offer exceptional PSI, in fact, are suitable just for a short burst of high-pressure air. Other compressors have small tanks and refill for too long.

To solve these problems you may purchase a few compressors, but I think it is not an acceptable choice. I think that some situations required for a stationary device. Portability is good but sometimes it’s not enough, and functionality and power are the priority features.

There are so many various stationary air compressors that their reviews require for one more website. Therefore, I decided to tell you about only one remarkable model. I’ve picked this compressor carefully, and I think it is an excellent choice.

In my opinion, the Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 80-Gallon Two-Stage Cast Iron Compressor is the best compressor among the stationary two-stage models. This manufacturer is well-known for a high quality and durability production.

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Campbell HS5180 Review

General information and features

When you take a look at this compressor, you surely agree that it is a massive and extra strong device. The 5-HP, 230V motor ensures that it is a forceful machine. Moreover, the manufacturer equipped the HS5180 with overload protection to guarantee long and continuous working process.

This compressor has a two-stage cast iron pump that provides a maximum pressure up to 175 PSI. A durability of this mechanism allows you to use any added air tools in parallel.

In my reviews, I have already noticed differences between single and two stages compressors. This one compresses the air in two phases. This compressor has an oil-lubricated pump with the life in 10000 hours. I consider it is the best choice among the massive and heavy models. You see that all details of the HS5180 are enormous and considerable. The tank is not an exception. It is an impressive 80 gallons. In spite the fact that it is greatly powerful, it won’t go on a 100% duty cycle. You may expect about 75% of a duty cycle. Even so, you can be sure that it is so forceful that you won’t need more.

Proportions and productivity

Among all added characteristics, the number of horsepowers is the main index of power. This compressor with 5 HP has no competitors. It is a good choice for those who plan to handle a work that requires an extra powerful air device. Furthermore, thanks to it you may attach any air appliances you need, such as impact wrenches, nail guns or sand blasters. It is suitable even for tools that require a high level of PSI.

The Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 is a durable and extra powerful device. Therefore, it is large and bulky. Compressor dimensions are 31 x 41 x 78 inches and weight is more than 400lbs. Fortunately, there is one important advantage. The location of the tank is vertical that let you place it on a small area. I think it is acceptable that the price is high. So many features and great characteristics can’t be cheap. However, I consider it is a valuable investment because a quality of your work depends on a quality of the compressor you use.


The HS 5180 provides an extra-high productivity. Therefore, there are plenty of frictions that lead to heating inside the compressor. To solve this problem stationary air compressors use oil-lubricated pumps. There are no alternative tools that are suitable for heavy-duty machines. Oil helps to lubricate all components and maintains the temperature down. Compressors with oil pumps operate longer than oil-free models. You have only to check the oil level. It is very simple because of the oil sight glass.


Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 Iron Vertical Compressor