Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV

I’ve tested many air compressors, and I realized that it is not so easy to pick the most suitable model. Especially, if you need a versatile device that can perform well different tasks, such as household repair, sanding, air cleaning or tire inflation. You should choose a compressor carefully because many manufacturers offer multifunctional devices that do their job poorly.

I’ve elected the Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV 20-Gallon ASME Air Compressor for a careful look because it offers a wide range of functions to realize at the same time. Thanks to a high power capacity, it is convenient for professional use the same well as for household needs. Here are more characteristics of this model.

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Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV Review

Features and specifications

This compressor has an impressive 20-gallon tank. It allows you easily to cope with the tasks that require continued pressure. You may use small or medium air tools for home fixing because this device provides adequate 90 PSI of pressure at a delivery rate of 3.8 CFM. Moreover, the 1.3 HP motor is capable of providing a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.

For an extended performance, this compressor has an oil-free pump. It is common for similar function models that are produced for a home repairing. There are many easy-access indicators and gauges that help you to regulate and control the whole working process.

Size and productivity

Now manufacturers try to produce small in size and portable compressors. Unfortunately, this compressor is not compact. It has a conservative design. Large size and low mobility are not surprising because the tank is completely made of steel. Moreover, the steel is thicker on 15% than a normal kind.

Campbell Hausfeld proves the reliability and high-quality of this machine by giving a 10-year warranty. It also includes breaks and holes inside the tank.

The feature list of this device contains portability. Even so, I think it is hardly a portable compressor. The dimensions of this machine (18.2 x 18.1 x 44.5 inches) and the weight (about 100 lbs) confirm that it is a heavy and bulky compressor. Luckily, there are added elements that simplify the operation. The 20-gallons tank is vertically oriented and has wheels and a handle. Therefore, it takes less space, and you may push or move it if needed.

The HU502000AV performance

The most common disadvantage of portable compressors is a low pressure. With this compressor, you won’t face with this problem. Maybe the tank is too big and heavy but it provides an impressive PSI. You may easily get the 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI that is suitable for many of the home tools and instruments. Moreover, this device provides a continuous pressure that is essential for some kinds of work.

Oil-less pump

The oil-free pump is convenient for a home use. I think people who love DIY projects would agree with me. This pump is not required high maintenance. You shouldn’t worry about frequent cleaning that is necessary when you use an oil pump.

Noise level

This compressor provides 85 decibels noise. I’ve offered you more quiet models, but it is also not the loudest. To solve this problem and avoid sound impact you may use ear plugs that come with the compressor.

Usage recommendations

This air compressor is suitable if you plan to use it in your garage to cope various repair tasks or in your workshop for some professional needs. Due to a large tank, it is appropriate for paint guns, die grinders and air saws.

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Campbell HU502000AV Air Compressor