Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9When you’re choosing an air compressor you want it to have a long service life, be reliable and powerful, portable, and capable of performing the hardest applications. The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is one of the favorites with both the home owners and construction industry professionals, as it’s easy to use and significantly efficient. You can find many satisfied users’ reviews on this tool online, and it’s present in practically every local retailer hardware store or in the web for sale that indicates the overall popularity of the compressor. So what is so special about the P1IU-A9 and does it truly deserve your appreciation?

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Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 Review

The Manufacturer

The Ingersoll Rand has been producing air compressors for more than 150 years now and rightly deserves credibility for its main principles, which are “innovation, reliability, and efficiency.” The company has become a global brand that specializes in the production of reciprocating compressors, which they sell all around the world.

At the same time, they constantly improve the technology and performance of their tools and add upgrades into the design of compressors that allows the company stay a leader in the industry. Every piece of information they provide there make you feel like you’re dealing with a very trustworthy enterprise, and the high customers’ average satisfaction rate with their products only confirms this impression.

The Specifications

The P1IU-A9 belongs to the reciprocating air compressors type with a single-stage pump and a powerful 2hp oil-lubricated engine that is suitable for tough and continuous applications, and its balanced crankshaft allows the tool maintain low vibration.

With two hose outlets, this compressor makes it possible for you to work with two various tools at the same time, which very convenient and time-saving.

This electric-powered tool with 20 Volts, and 15 Amps draw; four gallon twin tanks, stacked horizontally, maximum discharge pressure of 135 PSI and weight of 77 pounds is one of the most durable reciprocation one-stage compressors available on market.

The Size

One of the most important factors people pay attention to while choosing a portable hand compressors is the size. With the weight of 77 pounds, P1IU-A9 can’t be called the leader of portability among its competition, some models of which are less than 30 pounds. The unit has a special handle to ease the carrying, but no transportation wheels that could make the task much simpler. However, if you use some cart to move it around the working site, you’ll solve the problem. Anyhow, this is a heavy-duty tool, suitable for DIY and challenging contractor tasks so considerable weight is quite reasonable.


The compressor has a two horsepower engine surrounded by the metal casing that makes the tool very sturdy and durable. It delivers 3.2 CFM with its maximum of 135 PSI, and 4.3 CFM with 90 PSI which proves the unit showing one of the highest performance ratings among the category of similar compressors. For instance, it can power not only the most of the consumer power tools, but some of the professional ones as well, including plasma cutters, riveting guns, nailers, staplers, and even lightweight hammers and chisels.

Another advantage of the model is its 100% duty cycle that allows you to work long hours without making stops to let the compressor “rest”. No downtime means more effective performance, so if you’re searching for a tool able to perform challenging prolonged tasks this one might be a great choice.

Pump Design

The engine of the compressor is oil-lubricated which ensures its long service life. However, it still requires some minimal maintenance.  For instance changing the oil will keep the air filter clean and significantly extend the compressor’s endurance. And the cast iron prevents accidental damage and robust.

The charge of the empty compressor takes only 90 seconds, and its recovery lasts a single minute of time.


When you buy a heavy-duty compressor, you expect it to be unbearably noisy. The P1IU-A9 produces only 80db while operating which is a very pleasant surprise for its users. As a rule, units from this category, especially the ones suitable for roofing and decking create more noise than this particular compressor.

The Reviews from Consumers

The rating of the compressor is different on every website; however, the average customers’ satisfaction rate is hardly ever lower than 4.4 out of 5 with the most of the reviews being very positive. Seldom customers provide minor complaints about the heavy weight of the compressor. Even less often people report about some accessories being damaged while shipping or packaging; however, so far we couldn’t spot negative reviews concerning the poor performance of the compressor. It seems that it simply does its best job both at professional construction sites or home garages.

The Price

The compressor is not one of the low budget offers, but on the other hand what you get for your money is a fine-built, high-quality tool that is going to serve you for long years ahead. The price of the unit is reasonable, taking into account a high-performance rating that is best in its class and ability to perform heavy-duty tasks.

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