Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HPThe international leader in the power tools production Makita has introduced its best air compressor MAC700. It’s so powerful, easy to handle, and looking so good that you just have to try it! Due to its well-thought construction and high-performance rates it can become a great helper for the enthusiasts in their homes as well as experienced professionals working on construction sites or workshops. But let’s take a closer look at its features and requirements to get a better understanding of how it works and what makes it so outstanding exactly.

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Makita MAC700 Review


Just giving a short look at the basic features of the model immediately gives an idea of dealing with the exceptional piece of equipment. The unit is powered by the 2HP 4-pole engine able to deliver the maximum pressure of 130 PSI with the performance rate of 90 PSI at 3.3 CFM and 40 PSI at 3.8 CFM.

The cast iron cylinder with the overall capacity of 2.6 gallons ensures the long service life of the compressor and its oil-lubricated big bore pump provides a significant output, shorter recovery time rate, and great noise reduction.

The compressor draws low amperage even on full load that makes it very convenient for using it at home. And the relatively light weight of the unit and its roll-bar handle allow moving it around the working site conveniently and fast. With the size of the compressor measured by 18 x 10 x 22 inches, the unit can be considered one of the most compact models in its class.

The Engine

The compressor has a big bore engine that provides longer life cycle of the product and the stronger air output. It is achieved due to the enlarged stroke and diameter of the cylinder in piston motor. The bigger piston moves inside the cylinder with larger diameter compressing more air at a time than the traditionally constructed compressors do. The big bore motors provide higher performance at shorter recovery rate. At the same time, they descend the level of noise created by the running unit.

The compressor shows great performance with the maximum operating pressure figure of 130PSI, and its delivery of 90 PSI at 3.3 CFM makes the unit suitable not only for the easy and medium household tasks but also powerful enough to manage heavy-duty industrial jobs performed by the qualified contractors.

To increase the lifespan of the unit’s engine, it has a built-in thermal overload that adds some extra protection for the motor.

The Pump

Although oil-free compressors have a buzz word nowadays, the most respectable power tools manufacturers like Makita continue producing the oil-lubricated models. Firstly, compressors on oil are proven to be much more long-lasting than their competition and secondly, both types are good with the lightweight jobs; however the oil-lubricated units can provide greater performance that is needed for the challenging tasks.

Often beginners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts think that oil-lubricated compressors are designed exclusively for the professionals who know how to provide all the necessary maintenance. Nevertheless, making oil changes from time to time isn’t hard at all. The majority of users noted they had no problem figuring out how to perform the process and found it very simple. The model comes with the oil sight glass indicating the precise level of oil in there; plus you can see how it changes color over the course of time. Also, there is an oil drain that greatly eases the maintenance of the unit in general.

Other advantages of the oil-based mechanism are lower electric demand and a very low chance to get overheated as long as you don’t abuse it. Moreover, the oil-lubricated pump runs much quieter than oil-less one. This particular model operates at 1720 RPMs that creates the eventual 80dB noise that is considered an exceptional rate even among the similar oil-lubricated compressors.

The Tank

The unit has a single “hot dog”- designed tank with the total capacity of 2.6 gallons. Due to the big bore engine the compressor provides quick refilling and fast cycle time. It means that the powerful airflow will provide significant efficiency, and the high recharging rate will make you cope with the task much faster.

The engineers have premeditated the possibility of the customer using the compressor for some serious industrial or continuous tasks that usually require higher airflow. In this case, you can purchase a separate tank with bigger capacity and transfer the air in there.

The Power Requirements

The unit requires low amperage of only 12.4AMPs for the maximum load that helps preventing the voltage drops able to cause failure of the compressor’s components. This model can be used with the extensional cord and in cool weather conditions without a risk of downtime or unit’s damage from the tripped breakers or power spikes.


As we mentioned above, the running compressor creates 80dB of noise. This figure can be compared to some of the household appliances that most people use every day like kitchen machines. Yes, it’s not one of the most pleasant sounds; however the good news is that 80dB is still below the conversation level, so you can hear everybody around you and speak without raising your voice. What is more important is that such noise won’t harm your health, and you won’t have to wear the headphones to protect your ears. That’s one of the biggest advantages of the MAC700 over its competition units with the similar high-performance rates but a terrible grating noise of 90dB and above.


At this point, some people are going to state that the compressor weighing 52 pounds can’t be considered very portable. However, it’s still relatively light in comparison to other models of the same class. You can find lots of units with the weight exceeding 70 Ibs that are nevertheless marked as portable in their manuals. Besides, consider the fact that most of the weight takes the cylinder made of cast iron. It makes the whole unit a bit heavier, but at the same time more durable. Moreover, the compressor has a convenient handle that allows you to carry the unit around the working site more comfortably.

The size of the unit is compact enough for the user to easily find a place for it either on a construction site or in garage or basement.

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Makita MAC700 2.0 HP Air Compressor