Among different portable air compressors, VIAIR 450P can be considered an outstanding one. Unlike inexpensive tire inflators, VIAIR 450P is provided with many eminent characteristics. These traits make it special and much above the others. Thus, a close look to this unique automatic portable compressor is will not be extra.

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VIAIR 450P Review

Characteristics of VIAIR 450P

1066409This Compressor saves your time because you avoid time for cooling it down, which can take 40 minutes. Other compressors don’t have such a wonderful trait and probably it is the best feature of this product. This Compressor fills large tires much faster than other devices and in five minutes you can inflate with pressure 15 to 30 PSI the tire of 37″ x 12.5″. And at a pressure of 0-30 PSI the process to fill tire of the same size takes seven minutes.

1066409At 100 PSI it has volume flow rate (CFM) 0.94, at the same time construction of the device is built the way so it can deal with low pressure in the tire, which doesn’t drive the pneumatic tool. It can also be driven with a magnetic motor, which can give 150 PSI working pressure maximally. The compression system is protected from excessive pressure by a switch. Additionally, this switch automatically turns the motor off, but this function works when the pressure inside reaches 145 PSI (this is so called factory set cut-out pressure). When the pressure diminishes to 120 PSI, the system will restart its work according to the program.

1066409When you pumped one tire and need to move to another, you will find the inbuilt automatic shutdown function of the compressor very useful. There is a handy function in the compressor, which allows you not to turn it off when you pump up the tire, it is not available in classic portable compressors. More than that, it is turned off when it doesn’t intensively inflates the tire, this way it will store effort and time to fill up the tire quickly. Moreover, this function permits to control pressure inside the tire during its filling.

1066409There are some useful details, which come together with the 12-volt unit. Among others it includes a gas station-type tire gun of 200 PSI. With the pressure gauge of the inflation gun you can control pressure on the fly.

1066409This is convenient when you want to manage the process of filling the tire with air. The necessity to go back and forth from a gauge and a tire chuck to see how air pumping works. This peculiarity of the Compressor excludes necessity of the extra pressure gauge. This way you get possibility to deflate and inflate the tire without problems. Last but not least, tire pressure can be regulated (lowered) with a valve button, which is located in the gun kit.

1066409The Compressor comes with three PC pumping tips kit, an extension hose of 25 ft long, and diamond plate sand tray, which is resistant to vibrations. The hose makes it possible for you to reach all tires of your car or bike, and you don’t have to move the unit. Additionally each end of the coiled house is provided with a 1/4″ fast connect coupler. Nice feature, which is supplied with the Compressor is an extra carry bag with a zipper section for the deflator and inflator hose. It would be better if it was a hard case, but a carry bag is still good and a bonus for customers.

1066409To link up the Compressor to the battery terminal of the car a dual battery system is used. Maximally 12 volt power supply can be used to connect the battery directly. To keep the batteries charged and not appear in the situation when it is down it is recommended to keep the car’s engine working while the tires are inflated. The upper limit of allowed current is 23 amperes and at this current strength you reach the highest pressure. One more good point, the inline fuse holder saves the unit from spikes.

Testimonials about VIAIR 450P

plusAs a rule, customers praise this Compressor at Amazon.  With its brilliant rating of 4.8 out of five possible it deserves a position of one of the best products among similar devices at the market. Generally, customers reviews are positive and high but there are negative reports of some unhappy users as well.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedSome negative remarks concern the trigger mechanism, which could be provided with a fixed locked mechanism to avoid constant holding of the trigger by a user. The problem seems not so crucial but customers with weak knees or if you they have to inflate many tires would be happy if such a mechanism was present in the Compressor. Other users insist on necessity to equip the PSI gauge system of the VIAIR 450P with a light to be able to use it comfortable in night.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedSome critical remarks from side of its users don’t underestimate the merits of the Compressor and, in general, the customers are glad that made the purchase. When you need to pump something often, you should own a reliable compressor, which can do its work quickly and don’t cause problems.

plusThus, taking into consideration all remarks from users and its rating, we can conclude that Viair 450P is a perfect and handy compressor.

plusMost of the customers believe that the compressor could satisfy their needs and represents the high-performance, which was promised by its manufacturer. Moreover, users note that the device works quickly, and they can inflate or deflate their jeep’s tires in a short time with help of the VIAIR 450P, which in some cases can become a lifesaver. At the end, we want to add that it also has been used for other applications too.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedEight-inch long power cord of the air compressor and 25-inch long hose allow reaching the tires at long distance. Not all air compressors are so convenient, and it is not clear why their manufactures were not smart enough to provide it with such a simple thing like longer cord or hose. With the VIAIR 450P you will not have to drag the compressor to all your wheels.

plusMany customers liked that pressure gauge of the unit had a big and accurate monitor. A big plus in user’s opinion is low-noise and low-vibration levels of the Compressor.

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