Noticeable but still not considerable increase in price for Viair 85P in comparison with other portable air compressors pales in significance when you see how handy it can become on emergency. If you decide to buy a portable air compressor and start to search at the market you should take into account that you can get into unexpected situations like any other driver.  Accordingly, a factor of its price can remain important but it is not a key one when you want a good compressor.

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VIAIR 85P Review

Characteristics of Viair 85P

In respect that to inflate your tires without problems you need a perfect compressor with smooth work, Viair 85P becomes a popular apparatus being an heir of the 70P model. The last uses electricity directly from the cigarette lighted socket. In case you need the Compressor, which can be plugged into an electrical outlet and be powered from there, then stop your searches of the Bon-Aire i8000.

You can find information about fill rates in this table:

Tire Specifications

195/70R14 Tires, 195 MM Width, 14” Rim

Diameter, 70% Aspect Ratio, Radial construction

Fill Rate

1066409The fill at 0 to 30 PSI rate is two (02) minutes; at 15 to 30 psi it is one 01 minute


1066409One user reports that the Viair 85P helped him to pump one big tire to 20-3 PSI in two and half minutes. Another states that with the model he could inflate four large tires of a jeep in twenty minutes. Thus, this model can be very useful for people who are in a hurry and want everything to be done quickly.

1066409The Viair 85P is a 12-volt compressor, you can use it for tires, which are up to 31” large. In one curious report, a customer tells that could use the compressor even for bigger tires, that is above 31” diameter. However, such big tires cannot be filled completely with the Viair 85P (only 5 PSI low everyone).

1066409This model is a fast compressor but not as quick as other available at the market. Nevertheless, its overall characteristic and results are on the level. Reviews also praise its construction and not so noisy mode of work. Another useful feature of the model is an inbuilt LED workspace light. It allows to work in night and not to worry about an additional electric torch or other sorts of light.

1066409In total, the feedback from users is positive including some negative reports too. A few customers noted that they got their car fuse blown out by the air compressor (the highest current is 14.5 amperes). You should check what is maximal power port rating for the highest amperage of your car before to make a decision about the buy. Remember that together with running the car engine while you exploit this air compressor model you also use an adapter to connect it to the battery. Just use the Roadpro 12 volt adapter to keep your car fuse safe, moreover that its price doesn’t exceed $5.

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VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor