VIAIR 300PEasily the pump of VIAIR 300P inflates tires up to 33”, but it is a big powerful and portable kit. To switch the compressor with 150 PSI rating on and inflate the tire, you should link the power cables to the battery up and connect the tire pitch with the valve system. Tire pressure can be measured by deflator pressure gauge or five-in-one inflator.

Provided soft cart case is intended for the numerous accessories such as inflation tips, five-in-one inflator or deflator, double heavy duty direct battery clamps, unrestricted air hose at 100 PSI gauge.

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VIAIR 300P Review

You can very quickly inflate tires with a maximal size of 33-inches with the VIAIR 300P compressor or use maximal pressure mode of 150 PSI for 15 minutes. After this intensive work, the device needs a recess to be cooled down for thirty minutes. The device is set in motion by a 12-volt battery, which you can easily connect when needed with help of built-in alligator clamps. Air injection is performed by an unrestricted inflation pipe with inbuilt 100 PSI pressure gauge. This part of the unit is responsible for the following actions: to bleed air, bleed air by portions sporadically, air up, injection of air from time to time. if you want to check pressure in the tire, first turn off the compressor to terminate air injection and then control the pressure gauge.  With the compressor you get the following additional parts:

  • An 8′ Power Cable
  • A Heavy Duty Sand Tray together with Vibration Isolators
  • An inline Fuse Holder
  • A Fashion Bag to Carry it

How to calculate the Duty Cycle

First of all, let us explain what Duty Cycle is. It shows how much time in whole a compressor can work during a certain period. A standard duty period is determined at 100 PSI and environment temperature of 72°F. This value is indicated with percentile and shows, which time % the compressor worked (compressor turned on plus turned off).  For example, if the compressor is 25% duty cycle this betokens that it works for 10 minutes and is off for 30 minutes at a temperature of 72°F and pressure of 100 PSI. To make it more clear, 10 min on/ (10 min on +30 min off) is equal to 10 min/40 min= 25% duty cycle.

3 One Year Warranty for VIAIR 300

The product is under warranty only on the conditions determined by the VIAIR Company. The warranty is provided only when the device is installed properly, conditions in which the device works are far from extreme, and you operate and handle the device according to all instructions. Strictly following these recommendations your Compressor is under one-year warranty starting from the date of its purchase. Take into considerations that the warranty works only if there is malfunction due to defects of the product and not when it appears after mistreatment.

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VIAIR 300P Portable Air Compressor