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The Senco PC 1131 – is an electric air compressor that would be just perfect for those people, who are planning to do the renovation or remodeling at their homes but don’t want to spend a lot of money to pay builders, labourers etc. Having only this one particular machine, you will be able to do a huge number of tasks starting from the bathroom and finishing with the bedroom or living room. It will be absolutely your cost-free, fast, easy and qualitative project. With Senco, your job will not take you years but will be done in months.

It provides enough power for all types of applications from finish to framing. To be precise, it has 2.5 horsepower and generates with 4.4 CFM.  The direct drive motor provides the durability expected for professional contractors therefore it will be easily do all the improvements in your home. It also includes ¼ universal coupler regulator pressure gauges.

Having bought the Senco PC 1131 myself, I can assure you that my dream came true and I am/was doing every single task with its help. It also saved me a lot of money, which I could have spent. But the only right thing I had to do is to buy the Senco 1131 and having tested it in different kinds of environment I can now share my experience with you.

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Aimed at working on a variety of tasks

As it was mentioned above, this particular compressor is capable of doing a big number of tasks, from finishing to framing. It can also blow the footballs, soccer balls and even basketballs up. Moreover, it can be used when dealing with portable swimming pools or mattresses. Such air tools, as for example cutting tools, socket wrenches, sanders, nail guns can be powered thanks to the Senco 1131 air compressor.

Looking at it on Amazon, you will see that it is almost the best-sold product in the “home improvement” category. The reasons for this are its multiple features and durability as it is counted not only for homeowners but for professionals in the building sphere too.

One of its most significant features is that it can substitute many other instruments, consequently by buying it, you save a lot of money that you could have spent for dozens of other inexpensive tools. And finally this major home improvement compressor is both cost and energy efficient.

Direct drive motor 

1066409Ease and quiet at work, durability and efficiency – these are the most important features of any air compressor. Being equipped with a direct drive motor, the Senco PC 1131 lets all these features work at their fullest, demonstrating high quality and great performance.

1066409Having the Senco air compressor at home is a must. It will not only save your money but also time and efforts. Purchasing this machine once, you will forget about buying a lot of different expensive tools for hundreds of dollars as it will simply replace them. Instead you will have a chance to buy cheaper tools, like nail-gun for 100 dollars (can be powered by Senco), whereas the separate model will cost you about 250 dollars. Therefore it makes a great sense buying the 1131.

1066409Speaking about its effectiveness – it is really good and does the entire planned job in an excellent way. Having discovered such an amazing air compressor with enough force, I feel myself really lucky. As it gave me a possibility to improve my house, change there almost everything: roof, bathroom etc. I have finished my project in 4 months only, but of course if your budget isn’t limited you can do it much faster. Now, looking at my renovated house, I’m really glad to see it in this perfect condition, everything thanks to the Senco.

Specifications and features

  1. 4.4 CFM power – can tackle everything from finish to framing
  2. unit weight 60 pounds – it is not heavy, therefore it belongs to the portable air compressor category
  3. warranty 1 year
  4. equipped with ¼ coupler and compressor oil
  5. it is made of cast iron sleeve and cast iron cylinder
  6. direct drive pump and induction motor
  7. overload protection
  8. cold start valve
  9. twin tank system that allows to power nail guns, pools, balls and much more almost without breaks,
  10. excellent for framing, roofing, flooring, decking trimming etc

Reviews, comments and ratings

plusThe Senco PC 1131 is a real workhorse. It is hand carry and counted for doing heavy and tough duty applications. Its popularity is very high due to its power and ability to make Do-It-Yourself work without spending the extra money.

plusMore than 60 trusted customers on Amazon rated it and gave it 4.3 stars out of 5. And that’s a great result. The majority of the comments and feedbacks are positive. Customers mention the following: it works great during projects or installations. Consumers also recommend buying it because of its durability and capacity to deliver great results. What else can I wish for?

plusAlso, they notice such characteristics as: lightweight, which makes it easy to store in a garage, for instance. Affordable for everyone price with the possibility to do everything by yourself without hiring professionals. Very fast recovery. Not loud especially in a harsh environment and is suitable and compatible with nail guns, socket wrenches etc.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedAs for negative comments, they were mostly about the compressor weight. Some people didn’t expect it to be 60 pounds and counted for a lighter unit. But comparing with other air compressors, this is really one of the lightest. Maybe it is not the most stylish, though durable, portable, efficient and qualitative.

plusAll in all, the only one its con is the weight, although not for everyone. But nevertheless it has its 4.3 stars and therefore very recommendable. It is a good purchase for construction work as well as own projects. Go ahead and give the PC 1131 from Senco brand a try and see that the money is worth it.

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Senco PC1131 Air Compressor Review