While doing a review on the compressors that were designed to do heavy work, it suddenly occurred to me that some of the buyers reading my website might be seeking a machine that would serve as a finishing touch to complete a project after the drastic reconstruction has already been done. The model I will be describing below is a good option for craftsmen as well as amateurs – the Senco PC1010 1-Gallon 1-Horsepower Peak, 0.5hp running Compressor

General characteristics of PC1010

This model is probably the best option to assist in fulfilling some not heavy tasks. The device will perfectly suit for, let’s say, cleaning, balls/tires inflating, nailing, painting etc.

Apart from that, this compressor is quite a powerful machine that will assist you in your hobby work. What makes this machine stand out vis-a-vis other models alike is its silent mode. So far, it is the quietest compressor I have come across with. However, just because the model is quiet does not mean it yields in power. With a peak of 1 horsepower, this model pressures up to 125 PSI and can deal with most household chores. If you look how the model is rated you will get a proof that this machine is a reliable and sufficient one.

The compressor is produced in a wide choice of designs. The customer’s most favourite one seems to be a “Hotdog” design that is simple to carry around and maintain.

Good news! The machine is oil-free!

All compressors are divided into several categories depending on the kind of lub they use to operate. The majority of models alike run on oil. This model, however, needs no oil to work, which I consider to be a great advantage since it spares you of the need to change oil every now then, which, by the way, is quite messy.

Enjoy the silence!

Who told you that you would be disturbed by irritating noise? Whoever told you that was damn correct. Most of the compressors do produce this annoying noise, but when it comes to the PC1010, we can fairly call it an exception. Because this model is manufactured in the

Hotdog design, it operates almost silently, especially if compared to other machines alike that have a pancake style. Apart from its design, a model is also equipped with rubber feet that decrease the vibrations and at the same time prevent your floor from being scratched.

Power Figures

Depending on the kind of air tool you are using, this exact model can produce from 20 to 40 drives per minute. It employs a 0.5hp direct drive pump with a peak of 1hp which reduces the time needed for recovery. This option will enable the device to work for a longer period of time. When it comes to fulfilling tasks that require air inflation, 125 PSI is quite enough to fulfill any of them.

Portable indeed, yet is Solid and Has a Long-term Service

Even though I have already said enough about the well-knit hotdog design, I cannot but mention that the tank is made of aluminum which makes it lasting. Working at only 24 lbs this model is lightweight and easy to move around.

It would be wrong to think that just because the model is lightweight it will reflect in performance the machine carries out. This machine indeed is a workhorse. The aluminum the tank is made of will prevent corrosion and protect it from an accidental knock or two. Solid, compact, and well-knit, this device is a lasting machine that will spare you extra maintenance and care as it is guaranteed not to rust or break down.

Safety Features

As soon as the amperage capacity hits its limit, the circuit breaker placed on the pump will snap into action to protect the motor. All you need to do to restart the breaker and make the compressor operate again is to push the plastic stem. I fancy this option very much since it is quite rare to find.

The amperage capacity limit is not the only factor that might lead to overloading. If compressed air goes beyond the admissible level, you might have to get some kind of mechanism that would reduce the pressure. Luckily, the manufacturer foresaw it and equipped the model with a safety relief valve so that no issues arise.

Except that there is a motor switch that ensures the compressor motor begins to operate only when the pressure inside the tank is lower than the preset cut-in pressure. If you leave the switch in the position “on”, the power to the motor will get cut when the tank pressure reaches the cut-out pressure.


This model features one option that is rare to find in many other compressors alike — the air intake filter that ensures that only clean and dry air is transferred to the pump. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned. You can utilize the drain valve if a moisture build-up appears inside the compressor.

Summing Up

This model almost consists of advantages only. It is easily movable, lightweight and requires very little time for the full recovery. Apart from that, the machine is lasting and is fitted with numerous safety features that ensure a stable work. I could not but mention once again this is the quietest machine I have come across with.

Senco PC1010 air compressor review