Viair 00073 70PThe Viair air compressor is the perfect compact tool featuring 100 PSI pressure gauge, 3 pc inflation tips kit, accessory power plug and deluxe carry bag. It is capable of inflating 225/65R/18 tires. The Viair 00073 makes the inflation easy and affordable to help you ensure that everything is in good condition. 

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Viair 00073 70P Review

Details and features of the viair 00073:

  • unit weight 5 pounds
  • 100 PSI pressure gauge maximum
  • Deluxe carry bag comes into its price
  • Dimensions – 1×8.5×8 inches
  • Brass twist-on tire chuck
  • 15 amp power port

Specific and unique features

The Viair 00073 is an excellent alternative for those, who need to inflate the tire as fast as possible as with the 00073 it takes only several minutes. Moreover, though this 12-volt device is counted and manufactured to cope with cars it can easily do the same with bicycles (many trusted customers from left positive feedbacks). The presence of a very long cable/wire is a huge advantage, as it gives you a possibility to reach any of four wheels and even recreational vehicle without any difficulties. The process itself is smooth, fast and quiet. Yes another pro is that in case when you need to inflate a few tires, you shouldn’t disconnect the compressor to go to the other side, for example.

Ease of using

  1. It seems like the Viair 00073 has only pluses and it is an absolute truth. Apart from all the above-mentioned advantages, there are a few more:
  2. the presence of a unique carry bag that is full of accessories (no worries, it will be simple to put everything back)
  3. the compressor doesn’t heat a lot, therefore right after the inflation is done, you can pit it back in the car or trunk
  4. space-saving – it will not take a lot of space at all
  5. it would be an excellent choice especially if you like to go to nature or camping, where the risk to deflate a tire is high.
  6. If you wish to help somebody on the road, when he/she is trying to inflate the tire, but it is unsuccessful, then you can easily do it as this particular model is capable of inflating the whole 20 tires, that makes 5 cars in just 40 minutes time. It is its and yours biggest advantage if case if you are stuck somewhere far from the city at night.
  7. This device is durable thanks to the brass fitting
  8. The screw-on operation makes the attachment tight and securely fastened.

Power packed viair 00073

The Viair 0073 can be used during all 4 seasons, even when it is cold, nothing will happen with this air compressor, instead it will work as good as during warm weather. It also doesn’t produce much noise when working and never heats up (even when dealing with a few tires without break). There is no need to worry about the fuse. This dangerous situation will never happen as the current amount is reduced and consequently it decreases the chance for this kind of risk. The process of setting the device up is very simple and will take you few minutes. All in all the Viair 00073 is a heavy-duty portable air compressor that demonstrates terrific and fast performance.

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Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor